WhatsApp in amoCRM
for $9.90/month

Integration that will increase sales

Write to the client first Salesbot, Digital funnel

WhatsApp in amoCRM
for 9.90$/month

Integration that will increase sales

Text clients first from
Salesbot, Digital Pipeline

Integration options
Now you do not need to wait for the client
to write to the messenger first.
Text clients first
even if they are not in your WhatsApp contacts
Play voice messages from your
clients right in amoCRM
This is very convenient in the new version of amoCRM!
Connect several WhatsApp
Connect multiple numbers. The correspondence will automatically go from the number to which
the lead came.
Try and connect WhatsApp to AmoCRM for free
Set up amoCRM Salesbot and use the full power of automation
With the help of the Salesbot, you can:
Move deals by stages of the sales
funnel and change the person in charge
Sending information in the text from
the fields of the deal/contact/company
Fill in the data in the deal/contact/
company depending on from what
the client writes
Build communication algorithms
based on conditions, with
verification any data
Send internal messages to the chat
to managers, add notes
Send images and video
What else:
You can send mailings using the built-in amoCRM

Attention! In order not to attract attention anti-spam
WhatsApp systems, send messages in portions,
use tags in messages, simulate live communication.
Marketing campaigns
WhatsApp button for your website
Use amoCRM plugin and clients will be able to write
to you in 2 clicks!
Pick your growth plan
Only one unlimited plan
Try 3 days for free

Text clients first

Play voice messages in AMO

Supports Digital Pipeline

Supports Salesbot

Connect several WhatsApp

Marketing campaigns

WhatsApp button for your website
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