FAQs from users and answers to them

1. Is the price for a month of WhatsApp integration with amoCRM specified for 1 number or an unlimited number?

Answer: The price is for one connected number, each subsequent number that you connect must be paid for separately.

2. To integrate with WhatsApp you use WhatsApp Business API ?

Answer: No, we are Web-based.

3. How do I leave a review? Or why can't I leave a review?

Answer: To leave a review, you need to go to Settings/Integrations/Installed integrations, then select our Wappim widget/Click "Add Review" button
*Note: Users with paid amoCRM can leave feedback.

4. Will the payment be extended automatically?

Answer: Yes, charges are automatic, subscription = 1 time card payment, the card is tied to the account, and the payment is automatically renewed

5. Can I get the closing receipts, contracts for accounting?

Answer: All receipts are sent to email, you need to check after payment

6. How to set up automatic messages from AmoCRM to WhatsApp via Salesbot

Answer: There are basic instructions on how to configure the bot on our website, click here - Basic Configuration Salesbot

7. How to find all unread messages?

Answer: Unfortunately, the filter for unread messages for our widget is not configured, but it is in development and will be in the next update. But amoCRM has a filter for all unread messages. "How to find all unread messages"

8. Do you have an affiliate program?

Answer: Very soon.

9. How do I know that the client has written to the manager? Besides the fact that in the leed is created - does it have any notification? (amoCRM)

Answer: All notifications come to amoCRM control panel:

10. What numbers can I connect to WhatsApp chat virtual or physical?

Answer: Only physical numbers, with WhatsApp apps

11. Does the phone with the connected number have to be ON all the time?

Answer: Yes, the phone must always be ON and well charged, connected to a stable WIFI

12. What are the approximate restrictions on sending messages? At what traffic is banning possible?

Answer: Our recommendations for not being banned:

There are no limits on messages, we recommend sending no more than 6000 outgoing messages per day and send portions, no more than 5-10 messages per minute - not to attract the attention of anti-spam systems WhatsApp.
There's no limit on incoming messages either, we recommend receiving as many as possible to make it feel like a live conversation.

13. Do you provide hosting for WhatsApp?

Answer: We don't have hosting, you need a real phone with WhatsApp application

14. If someone calls on WhatsApp, is there any way to see in the widget and respond?

Answer: In amoCRM there is no way to see if there was a call on WhatsApp.

15. If we only have one number, therefore it can only be tied to one employee, right?

Answer: You can give access from your amoCRM and anyone can use WhatsApp in amo

16. Are all old messages not being pulled up?

Answer: All messages will start syncing in amoCRM from the moment the code is scanned

17. Can I see in amocrm that the client actually has WhatsApp app on the number?

Answer: Not yet, we plan to add it in the future

18. If the integration failed and I reconnect - what about the messages that were sent while I wasn't connected?

Answer: If there is a failure, when you reconnect, messages from the queue will be sent at once

19. Is it possible to select the number of a contact, if there is more than one, when you first contact him?

Answer: To write first, you can click on the number and select the widget. Therefore, you will manually select a contact.

22. If the integration is disabled, how does that show up in leads? Or will it only show up in the settings?

Answer: You will receive a notification that WhatsApp is disabled. When you go into the widget, it will also be visible

23. Are the leads created automatically?

Answer: Yes. When an incoming message comes in amoCRM - the lead is formed automatically